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Looking for something new to do as a couple? Take an improv class together in the new year! Sign up now to gift your partner and you an exciting experience that will have you laughing and reconnecting in new ways. Want a unique gift for your loved one this holiday season? Gift them an improv class from OKC Improv! Improv is an unforgettable experience that will make their year a little bit brighter

Regular: $150

Kid's Improv Summer Camp! (For Ages 7-17)

3 Days (Plus a bonus day to perform in the "End of Camp" Showcase)
June 15th - June 17th
10:00am (Drop-off begins at 9:30am) - 3pm (Pick-up ends at  3:30pm)

There will be a 1 hour lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

***END OF CAMP SHOWCASE - June 18th | 6:00pm
(Tickets available online or at Box office)

The OKC Improv Kid's Improv Summer Camp is back! Have a blast with 3 days of games, laughs and new friends. Attendees will even get perform an "End of Camp" Show! Your child will build confidence, brainpower & teamwork skills through positivity & the power of acceptance and support towards each others creativity!

Prerequisites: No experience required

Price: $250

LEVEL 1: Return to Play (Introductory Improv)

8 week course (choose which day of the week works for you)
[EVERY TUESDAY] July 12th - August 30th | 7pm-9pm
[EVERY WEDNESDAY] July 13th - August 31st | 7pm-9pm
[EVERY SATURDAY] JULY 16th - September 3rd | 1:30pm-3:30pm

Learn the basics of Improv: agreement, spontaneity, and most importantly having fun!

Do you want to improve your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills? Are you good at telling stories and being funny around your friends? Want to be more creative or learn to generate ideas on the spot? This class is for you. Level 1 introduces you to improv skills in an open, supportive class structure. You'll learn a mixture of exciting “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” short form games, group games, and OKC Improv original games!

Prerequisites: None

Early Bird: $140  ||  Regular: $150

OKC Improv Teen Class

8 week course (choose which day of the week works for you)
[EVERY SATURDAY] July 16th - September 3rd | 1:30pm-3:30pm

Learn the basics of Improv: agreement, spontaneity, and most importantly having fun!

OKC Improv Teen Improv class is perfect for all kinds of young students. From those that simply want to improve their social skills, confidence and meet new friends to the young performer looking to develop and strengthen their on-stage performance and acting skills. This class is full of laughs, comedy & fun!

Prerequisites: Ages 12-17 ONLY

Early Bird: $130 || Regular: $140

Prerequisites: Age 12-17 ONLY

Early Bird: $140  ||  Regular: $150

LEVEL 2: Scenic Short Form

8 week course (choose which day of the week works for you)
[EVERY MONDAY] July 11th - August 29th | 7pm-9pm
[EVERY TUESDAY] July 12th - August 30th | 7pm-9pm

Continue your improv journey by building skills on character creating, scenic style games and more!

Apply what you've learned in Level 1 to begin mastering the fundamentals of long form improv and scene work through short form games and exercises. Students will learn what makes a scene comedic: creating and playing comedic premises, characters with distinct points of view, and relationships between characters. Continue your improv journey by improving your stage confidence, making bolder choices, and committing more to character.

Prerequisites: Level 1

Early Bird: $140  ||  Regular: $150

LEVEL 3: Learning Long Form

8 week course 
[EVERY MONDAY] July 11th - August 30th | 7:00pm-9:00pm
[EVERY THURSDAY] July 14th - September 1st | 7:00pm-9:00pm

Continue your improv journey and up your game!

This class not only centers on the fundamentals of long-form improvisation but digs deeper to help you find what lies underneath. Listening, creating true characters and playing it real in what could be a not-so-real world are just a few of the blocks we’ll explore to help you build your foundation. Prepare to be on your feet – mentally and physically! You’ll emerge from Level 3 with the tools and skills needed to create a full story with recurring themes, rich characters and the delightful element of surprise.

Prerequisites: Level 1 & 2

Early Bird: $140 || Regular: $150

LEVEL 4: Intermediate Long Form

8 week course 
[EVERY SATURDAY] July 16th - September 3rd | 1:30pm-3:30pm

Group work, sustaining a scene, environment work & more!

Continue your journey into long form improv by focusing on group mechanics, environment and space work. Learn new edit forms to start and end scenes as well as take your characters to new heights. Learn to avoid energy plateaus by not playing it safe.

Prerequisites: Level 1, 2 & 3

Early Bird: $140 || Regular: $150

LEVEL 5: Long Form Blueprint

8 week course
[EVERY MONDAY] July 11th - August 30th | 7:00pm-9:00pm
[EVERY WEDNESDAY] July 14th - September 1st | 7:00pm-9:00pm

Keep building your Improv tool kit with the keys to making scenes pop!

Take your long form to new heights through fast choice tools of the trade! This class will focus on heightening the stakes in scenes and celebrating your gloriously weird improv choices through the use of tap-outs, walk-ons, and more creative edits.

Prerequisites: Levels 1-4 or gain permission of the instructor

Early Bird: $140  ||  Regular: $150


8 week course
[EVERY THURSDAY] July 14th - September 1st | 7:00pm-9:00pm

Learn how to tell multi-scene stories that follow the hero's journey while building a unique and vibrant improv world to play in. This course will teach you how to establish a protagonist, explore new creative ways to start and end scenes while building a dynamic world to explore filled with interesting characters and settings. Students will be able to pick and practice a narrative genre of their choice as a class to perform in a longer set at the end of the course.

Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment or graduation of level 4 or higher

*For approval, email

Early Bird $140 || Regular: $150


8 week course
[EVERY SATURDAY] July 16th - September 3rd | 11:00am-1:00pm

Are you tired of playing the same games the same way? Want to use your short form skills better in all of your improv? Advanced short form is more than learning new games - it's adjusting the game and the way you play it to suit your audience. We'll cover content, pace, physicality and volume. We’ll decide what makes the best games and combine it to make a new creature. Great training or a brush-up for Grab Bag performances or our OKCI TourCo shows!

Prerequisites: Level 1 & 2

Regular: $70


8-week course
[EVERY WEDNESDAY] July 13th - AUGUST 31ST | 7:00PM-9:00PM

Learn the fundamentals of safe and effective theatrical violence!
From safely falling down or throwing and taking convincing punches, to communicating non-verbally with a scene partner, to acting pain and injury, this class will teach the basics you need to create a safe and believable illusion of violence on stage. Focusing on common unarmed techniques, students will learn the principles of safety, movement, communication, and illusion that go into telling exciting stories through stage combat.

Prerequisites: None

Early Bird $140 | Regular: $150

Arch's Harold Conservatory: Level 1 of 3

8-week Course (With a monthly performance)
[EVERY SUNDAY] July 10th-August 28th | 1:00PM-4:00PM

This is the first level of the 3-Level conservatory taught be Arch!
Arch taught Harold and Advanced Long Form improv at iO Chicago for 20 years, if you have the time and dedication he would like to pass on some of this knowledge and build an awesome long-form team for OKC Improv and beyond. Scene work, group games, game theory, deconstruction, storytelling, and editing, will be covered at length, as well as, frequent lectures on the history of comedy and satire.

Prerequisites: All Levels Welcome to Audition; Audition Required

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